Friday, March 30, 2012

Livvy Crawls... A LOT!

This child is crawling with some serious confidence.

Take a look at these videos.

She's stoked to be mobile!

Notice how she's waving to the baby in the mirror at the end.

In this one she's crawling even more...

Did you notice at the beginning where she was playing with a hair, or bug, or dirt, or some random thing on the floor? I know. I know, kinda gross, but it's wild how well she uses her little fingers to look at things.

Other things to notice in that video are her infatuation with the living room table, The Little Cat making an entrance that the Little Olive completely disregards and what she does when we ask her "where's the light?"

In this video the Little Olive crawls right up to the cats. The Little Cat books it and Quincy stands his ground.

Things have gotten a whole lot more interesting now that she's mobile... for all of us.

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