Saturday, March 10, 2012

Florida Keys (Part 6)

Well, it finally arrived... the dreaded last full day of the trip. We had to make it a good one so we started at the pool. The Little Olive even took a nap with her momz poolside.

We all got washed up and took the Little Olive to Sombrero Beach for her first beach experience. She'd never seen sand or ocean before.

All that was about to change...

Sombrero Beach was just a few miles from our condos. We hopped in the car and took the ten minute drive.

The Little Olive was prepared with sunglasses.

Finally! Sand! How amazing! She was so excited she crapped her pants! Literally... she crapped her pants.

I handed her to her mother, looked down and I had poop all down my shirt! If that wasn't bad enough news, we forgot diapers. We couldn't change her until we got home!


What the heck. Let's pose for one last picture while we're here. It was our last chance to see the beach!

We took her home and changed her... and ourselves.

After a ten minute rest it was time to go on a sunset cruise!

The Little Olive got a safety brief and a life jacket. She was prepared to go boating!

Here's the Little Olive and her mommy riding on the boat in the Gulf of Mexico. See the wind in their hair?

It was a blast.

A family portrait!

The captain and his first mate!

Here's some cousins hanging out in the back of the boat.

Here's Grandpa hanging out on the side of the boat. Check out the sun behind him. That was the purpose of the whole cruise!

And yeah, it may have been the highlight of the whole week. Here's a couple of videos to illustrate what we saw.

Notice the Micheal Buble in the background. Also, there's an explanation of the earlier mentioned diaper explosion.

Here's the beginning of the sunset.

Here's the actual sunset. Notice the talk about the "green flash." Apparently sunsets flash green right before the sun disappears.

I didn't see it.

Cool video, though. Huh?

The last, but not least, video was our re-entry to the condo harbor. A couple of things to watch for are the "flying fish" and just how pretty the area was in general.

We hopped off the boat and I snapped this picture of the Little Olive and her mommy on the dock. Pretty cool what the flash did to the sky, don't you think?

We headed over to The Captain's house for burgers and then went home and packed. :(

That's it! That's the big one!

What a great time it was, too! I can't wait to do it again... wherever this wild and crazy family leads us next time!

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