Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving (A Little Late Editition)!!!

Friday morning we hopped in the car, went over the river and through the woods... to Grandmom's house!

The Little Olive was stoked!

Check out little Livvy and Grandmom having a stare-down on the couch. Very cute picture. :)

The Little Olive finally got to meet Aunt Luci!

After watching half of the Pitt game with the family we headed back to the hotel for a good night's rest. It was hard to sleep, however, WVU beat Pitt 21-20 after a great second half comeback.

Saturday morning we woke up early and headed to the Whiskey Path to see Danny, Mel, Little G and the twins!

Here's a picture of Danny and Little G...

Yeah... I think Danny is growing a Santa Claus beard.

After we visited with them, we made a quick trip to the place you wanna be.... the Boston Beanery! I had a club slammich with fries and ranch. Mrs. Little Cat had the chicken salad. That ranch dressing is the best!

Then we gave The Little Olive a special treat. We took her on the WVU Heritage tour.

First we stopped at The Kappa House where Mrs. Little Cat lived while in undergrad at WVU.

Then a trip to Woodburn Hall... where we each had numerous classes.

And then to Martin Hall where we both received our undergrad degrees...

From the WVU Heritage Tour to Grandpa's house where we hung out and The Little Olive got her very own reclining chair!

Thanks again Grandma and Grandpa F.!

We packed up the car and headed south. It was a long day for the Little Olive.

From the looks of the above picture, the Little Olive had a great time in Morgantown. She got to meet a bunch of new people and had a good time hanging out with everyone else as usual.

Thanks for everyone's hospitality and good times. We'll see you again close to Christmas!

Happy Thanksgiving (Right on Time Edition)!!

Things are always changing, so, this year we ended up at home on Thanksgiving day. It wasn't what was planned, but he had an enjoyable time anyway!

The Little Olive was certainly ready for a day filled with football, food and fun!

Check out her bib!

Please disregard the fact that the bib is made up of Virginia Tech colors. In no way does this reflect our college football affiliation.

She had a blast all day long. She sat in her bouncy seat, her jumpy chair and even watched football with me while reading her favorite crunchy noise book.

She got hungry, however. Time to eat!!!

Hey, if you can't be in Morgantown with the rest of the family, wear a shirt that says "Morgantown." :)

I slaved all day over this turkey. Ok, not really... it's a rotisserie chicken from Kroger I purchased the night before. Popped that sucked in the oven 30 minutes before we served it and it was ready to go.

We also had cornbread stuffing straight outta the box, mashed potatoes courtesy of our good friend Betty Crocker. The Pillsbury Dough Boy brought some crescent rolls and the Jolly Green Giant left us a can of corn.

Oh yeah... and Mrs. Little Cat made some spinach stuff.

Our Thanksgiving at home was a success!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving... a little early!

Thanksgiving came a little early at the Little Cat household. Saturday afternoon Grandpa and and Grandma M. came from Morgantown to hang out with the Little Olive and have Thanksgiving dinner.

And they brought a toy for the Little Olive. She thoroughly enjoyed it. It sings and dances.

Thanks for the present!

Then we ate dinner as the Little Olive joined us.

We had a special treat for little Livvy... strained apples. It was her first taste of anything other than formula and rice cereal.

Wondering how that went? Check it out...

Pretty much how you expected, eh?

Here's a still photo from the experience.

Yeah... she was a hoot! She seemed to like it, though. :)

Livvy had a good time with Grandpa and Grandma M. after her apple dinner.

After all the fun was over they left to go back to Morgantown. Grandpa got a pat on the head and said bye bye.

See you next time, Grandpa!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Little Olive's Highchair

It's finally time to break it out. She's almost ready to eat solid foods, so we figured we'd give the highchair a try.

Looks like a perfect fit for a smiling baby!

Thanks, Grandmom!

Guess Who was 5 Months Old Last Week???

Yep! You guessed right. It was the Little Olive!

She has a bit of a cheek rash in this picture. We believe she's teething because she always has her hands in her mouth. When she has her hands in her mouth she gets slobber all over her face and gets the little rash.

We got it all taken care of, though. No more rash.

More Visitors!

This time they were from Georgia!

Thanks for the piggy bank Aunt C. and Uncle B.!

It was great to see you both.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Little Olive and Marty McSorley the Monkey

This is a present from Great, Great Uncle M and Great, Great Aunt N. The Little Olive absolutely loves it.

Look at the way she stares at the fellow.

Very, very cute.

Thanks for the present!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Little Olive's First Halloween!

And she dressed up as a football!!!

Seriously... would you expect anything less?

We didn't take her trick-or-treating. She stayed at home with Mom and Dad and gave out candy to all the kids.

And yes, she tried to eat it. I'd say there's a 90% chance she wanted to eat the wrapper, not the candy. :)

Mommy was excited!

They eventually left me to give away candy to all the scary ghouls and goblins. The Little Olive needed her bath and bottle so she could go to sleep on time.

I almost forgot... here are our scary pumpkins!

Ooooohhh.... scary. ;)

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Look who came to visit...

There were lotsa smiles this time!

And video games... Hey... whatever the kid likes, right?

There was lots of reading...

Lots of playing...

And lots of sleeping babies! :)

After much debate, a Pies and Pints pizza was ordered. Yes. That's the Margherita Pie. ;)

Uncle Dusty and Scott stopped by before their costume party and watched WVU beat Rutgers 38-28 with us. It was a swell time.

And the next day the Little Olive got to meet her great, great Aunt N. and Uncle M.!

So much fun!

My Heisman Pose

Complete with football!