Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving (Right on Time Edition)!!

Things are always changing, so, this year we ended up at home on Thanksgiving day. It wasn't what was planned, but he had an enjoyable time anyway!

The Little Olive was certainly ready for a day filled with football, food and fun!

Check out her bib!

Please disregard the fact that the bib is made up of Virginia Tech colors. In no way does this reflect our college football affiliation.

She had a blast all day long. She sat in her bouncy seat, her jumpy chair and even watched football with me while reading her favorite crunchy noise book.

She got hungry, however. Time to eat!!!

Hey, if you can't be in Morgantown with the rest of the family, wear a shirt that says "Morgantown." :)

I slaved all day over this turkey. Ok, not really... it's a rotisserie chicken from Kroger I purchased the night before. Popped that sucked in the oven 30 minutes before we served it and it was ready to go.

We also had cornbread stuffing straight outta the box, mashed potatoes courtesy of our good friend Betty Crocker. The Pillsbury Dough Boy brought some crescent rolls and the Jolly Green Giant left us a can of corn.

Oh yeah... and Mrs. Little Cat made some spinach stuff.

Our Thanksgiving at home was a success!

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  1. This is an odd request, but can you tell me where you found your Morgantown t-shirt? Your picture came up in a Google image search. My husband really wants a shirt just like that, and, even though I live in Morgantown, I can't find one.