Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving (A Little Late Editition)!!!

Friday morning we hopped in the car, went over the river and through the woods... to Grandmom's house!

The Little Olive was stoked!

Check out little Livvy and Grandmom having a stare-down on the couch. Very cute picture. :)

The Little Olive finally got to meet Aunt Luci!

After watching half of the Pitt game with the family we headed back to the hotel for a good night's rest. It was hard to sleep, however, WVU beat Pitt 21-20 after a great second half comeback.

Saturday morning we woke up early and headed to the Whiskey Path to see Danny, Mel, Little G and the twins!

Here's a picture of Danny and Little G...

Yeah... I think Danny is growing a Santa Claus beard.

After we visited with them, we made a quick trip to the place you wanna be.... the Boston Beanery! I had a club slammich with fries and ranch. Mrs. Little Cat had the chicken salad. That ranch dressing is the best!

Then we gave The Little Olive a special treat. We took her on the WVU Heritage tour.

First we stopped at The Kappa House where Mrs. Little Cat lived while in undergrad at WVU.

Then a trip to Woodburn Hall... where we each had numerous classes.

And then to Martin Hall where we both received our undergrad degrees...

From the WVU Heritage Tour to Grandpa's house where we hung out and The Little Olive got her very own reclining chair!

Thanks again Grandma and Grandpa F.!

We packed up the car and headed south. It was a long day for the Little Olive.

From the looks of the above picture, the Little Olive had a great time in Morgantown. She got to meet a bunch of new people and had a good time hanging out with everyone else as usual.

Thanks for everyone's hospitality and good times. We'll see you again close to Christmas!

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