Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Florida Keys (Part 3)

On Monday evening all the cousins loaded into a stretched limousine and headed 30 or so miles west to the island of Key West.

A reunion tradition had to be observed before the trip. That's right... duck farts!!! These shots include Bailey's Irish Creme, Crown Royal and Kahlua. Notice how each type of liquor sits on top of the others. Very cool and very tasty!

The limo driver's name was Steve. He was the owner and president of the company. He was also the maintenance and human resources departments. Basically I think he bought a limo and drives people around in it for money. Good guy, though. Lots of fun was had due to his driving.

Jello shots! It's getting dangerous.

Steve dropped us off at Key West's famous Mallory Square. It's known for it's street performers and beautiful sunsets. We witnessed both. I also dropped my wife's ten dollar mixed drink that came in a small plastic cup while we were there (she got ripped off). :)

Anyway, the above fellow was more annoying than anything. He yelled a lot and entertained a little. Sure, juggling fire while on a 10 foot unicycle is impressive, but for the amount of talking he did, it wasn't worth the time.

This dude was better. He used a lot of audience participation and very little yelling.

Steve, our trust limo drive, got us reservations at Bagatelle on Key West's famous Duvall Street. It was quaint, but trendy.

Very, very good food. I had the shrimp linguini with crab meat (pictured above and quite possibly the best I've ever run my lips across) and my wife had the filet mignon. Both were great choices. For desert I had pineapple cheesecake. Perfect!

Happy fun times were had by all! We had to get home, though. The Little Olive needed us.

Back to Marathon, Steve!

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  1. Looks like a great trip! And the food sounds amazing!! Pineapple cheesecake? Yes please!!
    Can I be a part of your family R?