Monday, March 5, 2012

The Florida Keys (Part 2)

On day 2 of our trip we took the Little Olive to the pool for her first ever swim! We dressed her in her bathing suit and prepared her for the resort's heated pool.

She was excited. Can you tell?


This is her pool hat. It keeps the sun out of her eyes... something she really dislikes. Check out her flip flops!

The pool area was very nice. Lots of relaxing chairs and umbrellas to shade yourself under. It was large, too... but not very deep. It was perfect for the Little Olive to party in.

Grandpa tried to raise our umbrella, but was unsuccessful. It was stuck.

Finally she got in the pool. She was a little unsure, but eventually got the hang of it. She liked sitting on the ledge.

She also liked her floaty thing. She'd float around and smile at everyone. She also liked spinning around and around in it.

After she was finished in the pool we took her out of the swimsuit and put her in her pool robe to dry off. She was usually worn out at that point and was ready for a nap.

The Little Olive enjoyed the heck out of the swimming pool!

Below is a video of the experience....

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