Monday, February 15, 2010

The Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum

This Saturday my wife and I stopped in at the Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum. It's located in Pittsburgh's Strip District only minutes from Heinz Field and PNC Park. There are 4 floors of sports artifacts, memorabilia and information.

Here's a jersey and helmet worn by Mario Lemieux in the 1991 Stanley Cup Finals when the Penguins defeated the Minnesota Northstars in six games.

Here's one for Unlce Mike. Juan Pablo Montoya drove this car to victory in the 2000 Indianapolis 500.

My wife suited up for a little practice between the pipes while we were there. Notice the mean face. I've heard she's undefeated this year in shootouts. Don't bring it glove-hand.

These are the shoes Franco Harris wore when he caught (many would object to that word) the Immaculate Reception... perhaps the most controversial play in NFL history. Notice Jack Flemming's call of the play when you click on the link.

Roberto Clemente used this bat in 1966. While at the museum I saw an interesting quote from Roberto. A reporter asked him how long he'd like to play baseball. Roberto responded, "I'd like to play until I have 3000 hits." Clemente died in 1972 with exactly 3000 hits. His legacy is extremely intriguing. He was as good of a humanitarian as he was a baseball player.

And this one really brings back memories. This is one of the roller coaster cars from Kennywood's Racer. I can't tell you how many times I rode this when I was a kid. Two cars on two seperate tracks "raced" each other side by side. You were so close to the other car that you could reach out and touch its occupants. Fun stuff.

If you're ever in Pittsburgh, take the time to stop. It's an enjoyable way to spend a couple hours.

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