Sunday, February 21, 2010

Chronically Late People

You probably know one. You might work with one. You might be affected by one on a regular basis. You might be married to one. Heck, you might even be one! However, I just don't understand them. How can someone be chronically late?

I'm not talking about someone who works long hours and comes home late. I'm not even talking about someone who's late once in a while. It happens. I understand. None of us are perfect. I'm talking about the person who's late to absolutely everything they do.

There are two types of chronically late people. The first type might move with a purpose... a purpose of disorganization and frustration. They pass you on the freeway going way too fast. They have high blood pressure. They're always in disarray. Their offices are a mess because they're always searching for something for the next meeting that started five minutes ago. They stick out like a sore thumb.

The second type is far more difficult to pick out. You don't know that they're chronically late until it's.... well, uhm... too late (pun intended). These are the people who know they're late and they just don't care. They show up a half an hour late and don't apologize. They consistently make you late. These are the type of people you tell to meet you at 6:30 if you want to see them at 7:00. You might hear one of these people say, "I'm always late. It's just the way I am." These are the most frustrating.

Time is important. Time means a lot to people who like to enjoy it. Time is precious to those who cherish it. That's why I can't understand a person who doesn't value their own or someone else's. It's probably the rudest of all bad habits and it's my biggest pet peeve. It's arrogant and selfish.

If your chronic lateness takes away other people's time, I hope you realize it. You can be on time. You just have to prepare and it isn't that hard.

If this post makes you feel guilty, change that bad habit before it's too late (again, pun intended... damn I love puns)!

Disclaimer: I'm not speaking of anyone who reads this blog... all four of you. Don't be offended!

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  1. I thoroughly agree. and that disclaimer made me laugh!