Monday, February 8, 2010

The Puppy Bowl

During the Super Bowl (which I horribly predicted), Animal Planet aired Puppy Bowl VI. It was a canine alternative to the football and pop culture madness aired on CBS. Puppies were placed in a football field shaped cage and videotaped for hours on end. Animal Planet then aired the highlights and made jokes and amusing football references that could make concrete statue crack a smile. Check out the starting lineup:

Isn't Bandit cute?

What Puppy Bowl is complete without a Kitty Halftime Show?

Sickening, eh? Sickening, but slightly appealing. We're goobers.


  1. One of the dogs is actually from the "pound" here in Marysville. Have a great valentines day you all.

  2. Was it "Yums?" If so, we'll be by to pick him up sometime in the near future. Cutest dog ever.

    I hope you all had a swell Valentine's Day as well!