Monday, May 25, 2009

10 Things I Learned this Weekend about Camping

10. Camping is better than watching game 3 of Pens vs 'Canes. :)

9. Setting up a tent has gotten amazingly easy.

8. Wearing a shirt made by Field and Stream doesn't mean you know how to catch fish.

7. My wife makes awesome dip and tortellini salad.

6. Air mattresses are key to a good night's sleep in a tent.

5. A friend's violent puking outside your tent can wake up an entire campground.

4. The better the boat, the more fun it is.

3. The Fosters are some of the nicest people in the world.

2. No jet skiing is better than too much jet skiing.

1. The scenic route is never the fastest route... despite what the iPhone says.


  1. Nice photo LC. My wife says she is looking forward to a taste of yr wife's dip and tortellini salad, sans camping environs o' course. Check for tics. It is the season ya know.

  2. Artie - tell your wife the dip was made from the horseradish mix she gave me! It was a HUGE hit.

  3. Yeah, the dip lasted all of 10 minutes...fortunately, there was enough tortellini to last throughout the weekend. Honestly, we ate it at every breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner; it was the gift that kept on giving. I even had a huge bowl of it when we got home yesterday! The Frymyburgers are the best guests ever! Once they finally show up, that is...