Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Burgers are Cruisin', Day Five

Day five started at 5:30 in the morning. The captain navigated us through ice and mountains to a place called Tracy Arm Fjord to see the Sawyer Glacier. The further north we went, the more ice appeared in the water.

More ice.

You can see the glacier in the distance.

A close-up of Sawyer Glacier.

Sawyer Island. I'm not sure who this Sawyer guy was, but I can only assume he discovered the glacier.

Here's a big piece of ice that recently fell from the glacier. Notice the bright blue color that covers much of the chunk. We were only able to get about a mile from the glacier. Too many chunks like this one prevented us from getting any closer. Global warming anybody?

Day five was our second formal evening in the dining room. We got all prettied up and took a few pictures.

My wife and father-in-law.

My wife and mother-in-law.

Cousin Purpand gave all the ladies in the family a rose at dinner. He's nice.

My uncle-in-law just retired and brought this jacket with him as a joke. I had to get a picture in it.

Our waitress also liked the jacket. Her name was Rosemarie and she was from the Philippines. Our assistant server, Lawrence, was from India and took great pride in the Indian food he served my wife every night (she loves the stuff). Speaking of food... it was pretty good, but it wasn't spectacular. I never had a bad meal, but I never left hungry, either. You could order as much as you liked. If you wanted two appetizers, two entrees and three deserts, you were allowed. Crazy stuff.

Towel animal number three, a bulldog.

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