Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Burgers are Cruisin', Day Eight

On day eight we packed up and left the ship behind in Seattle. As you can see we had a little time to kill before our flight back to the east coast, so we visited a couple of famous spots. First was the space needle.

We stopped for lunch at a local sports bar so we could sample a couple beers and my wife could get her Tour De' France fix (the ship didn't get the Versus network).

Then we headed to Pike Market.

It was packed.

Look at the king crab legs. How crazy are they?

How about the lobster tails? Those are bigger that my forearms!

Still alive? For real?

And finally, our last stop... Shorty's. A pinball bar with no air conditioning. It was an absolute blast, though.

So that's it. That's our Alaskan Cruise. What do you think?


  1. Welp L.C. Thanks so much for sharing your photos and comments on what me and Ms 653 would consider a trip of a lifetime. Pretty quality reporting of a daily chronicle over the course of eight days. Enjoyable for sure. For me, if I don't ever see another snow flake or an inch of ice after the past winter we just had, I'll be just fine. We had a glacier in front of our house for three weeks. Gimme the deep blue sea, clear blue sky and sun hot as blazes......

  2. It was certainly an amazing experience, Mr. 653. Are you ready for the Cook/Smith family cruise of 2011? We can go to the Caribbean if you prefer. ;)