Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Spring Flowers

Two weekends ago my wife started her Spring Home Beautification project. It consisted of flowers in the side yard, the front porch and the back porch.

Here are the marigolds she neatly mulched and planted in the side yard. Notice the freshly trimmed grass in the background? That was my contribution.

And here are some red flowers. I don't have a clue what they're called. Perhaps lilies or petunias? They're red and that's good enough for me.

Yellow flowers on the front porch!

Purple-ish, kinda white flowers!

And last but not least, our friend the frog. He protects the flower bed on the back porch from those rascally deer that use our property as a feeding ground/bed.

Nice work, my wife!


  1. red flowers = new guinea impatiens
    yellow flowers = petunias
    around the frog = regular impatiens (already a lot bigger!)

    And I think the purplish flowers are four o'clocks (they are in the neighbors' yard).

  2. At least the boy appreciates summer colors!