Saturday, June 26, 2010

How about Da'Sean Butler?

That's right. He got drafted by the Miami Heat in the second round of last Thursday's NBA draft. He was the 42nd pick and quite possibly this year's biggest steal.

Quite honestly, many didn't expect Da' to be drafted. After he completely ruined his knee against Duke in this year's Final Four, his draft stock plummeted. He was originally projected as a late first round pick, but had dropped off of almost every team's draft board. With every pick, I began to doubt more and more that he'd get his chance. That changed rather quickly, however.

At the time, my focus wasn't on Da'Sean. It was on his Mountaineer teammate, Devin Ebanks. He was due to be chosen and I was just hoping his name would be called. To my satisfaction, however, the Miami Heat selected Da'Sean out of nowhere... a total surprise. Both my wife and I celebrated like the dude hit a game winning shot (he's prone to do that, ya know).

Some are crediting this piece on Da'Sean done by ESPN's Outside the Lines for his being drafted. LINK It shows just how great of an attitude this guy has. It had to have an impact on NBA general managers.

Whatever it was, though, it's apparent his hard work paid off. The guy is an inspirational story. He's smart. He's a good kid and he deserved this chance. Two thumbs up to Da'Sean Butler!

BTW... Devin Ebanks was drafted by the LA Lakers with the very next pick.

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