Monday, June 7, 2010

Live Link to the Oil Spill

3 months until this thing can be completely stopped? Three months?!?!?


Anyway, here's a live link to the leak. I encourage you to take a look at it once a day. Get mad at BP. Get mad at our government. Get mad at society and get mad at yourself.

We're all accountable.



  1. 3 months?!?!? so saddened by this :(

  2. Welp LC - There are technologies in the world that can clean up the mess. It's been offered, but, has not been accepted or even acknowledged by bp or our govt. This is the biggest double botch in my lifetime. Disregard for safety in the first place; and, afraid to make the politically correct decisions for the cleanup in the second place. Let's distance ourselves, huh? 52 days and nothing? I ain't accountable for that.....Not by a long shot. I will have a bucket and shovel when I get to the coast......