Monday, September 21, 2009

Wedding on the OBX

Last week a good friend of ours invited us to their week-long wedding celebration in Corolla, NC. Corolla is located on the northern tip of the Outer Banks. It's a quiet place with very little urban sprawl. There are, however, tons of homes that look just like the one we stayed in (above). There were so many of these that their massive size almost became normal.

Speaking of massive, take a look at the windows in the living room of our house. When we first walked into the place we nearly fell over.

Pretty cool photo, right? It's slightly weird to see if you know the story behind it. You see, that's a US Coast Guard helicopter. They were searching for a man who disappeared in the surf the night we arrived. He told his wife he was going out for a quick swim. He entered the water only yards from our house and never returned. We finally learned late in the week what happened to him. (click here)

So check out this little sand crab. There were tons of them all over the beach. They were very timid, though. If you made the slightest move you could see ten to fifteen of these little guys running back to their holes. My wife was quick enough to get a picture of this one.

The sleeping arrangements were odd. I guess that kinda happens when you have 25+ people staying in one location. Anyway, my wife and I were on a double mattress in a bunk bed. One night I decided to give us both a little extra room and slept on the couch. Some sort of animal was scratching around on our porch and woke me up. I took advantage of the situation and went outside to catch the sunrise.

This was one of my favorite parts of the week. Just north of Corolla was a designated spot to drive on the beach. I took advantage of it and went for a spin in our pickup.

This is the Currituck Beach Lighthouse (click here). I figured I'd stop and take a look to see what the big deal was. When I left, I wasn't really that impressed. It's a tall building with a light in it. However, after a little research and a few thoughts from others, I learned that many people see lighthouses as a sign of inspiration and hope. I guess I can see that. If it's 1855 and I'm on a ship looking for the coast from the Atlantic Ocean, seeing the light from a lighthouse would be pretty damn cool.

I bought a stunt kite. Unfortunately this is about as high as I could get the damn thing. I blame the lack of wind. Watch out next beach trip. You're gonna get a kite flown on you.

Oh yeah, here's the reason we came. My friends got married on the beach directly in front of the house. It was a quick ceremony and afterward we headed back to the house for the reception which consisted of pizza, beer and dancing. Solid.

Here's the wedding party sporting their "wedding party gifts." Everyone received a pair of Tifosi sunglasses for participating. Seriously, I'm not a sunglasses kinda guy, but whoa, these things are spectacular. They're perfect for a dude who smears up his glasses with his long eyelashes. I highly recommend a pair. (click here)

Awwwwww... me and my great wife!


  1. cute photo at the end. looks like a blast! when is the trip to the rocky mountain west???..... :)

  2. Perhaps next year? 2009 was the year of the wedding. We'll have to save up a little and head your way. I've only flown through Denver, but I really want to see it close up.

  3. Great pics! It looks like you all had a blast!