Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gameday Festivities

Ok... so these first two pictures weren't actually taken on gameday. They were, however, taken the night before. My wife and I attended an event at Lakeview, on the outskirts of Morgantown, in which Don Nehlen and Major Harris were the guests of honor. They spent time chatting with obsessed fans and signing autographs.

Here's Major Harris talking with and signing an autograph for one of those obsessed fans. That guy sure has a big smile on his face... what a goof.

After we met Don and The Maje, we slurped down a couple beers and ate dinner on the Lakeview deck with my childhood neighbor. During our dinner the owner of the resort announced a few door prizes and my wife won tickets to Lakeview's New Year's Eve party. It includes a free stay, dinner and drinks! I guess we know where we'll be for New Year's. Anyone interested in joining us?

Here's my good friend's daughter. Apparently she's going to be a WVU cheerleader.

This is Marc Bulger and Major Harris tailgating at Marc's house in Stonegate Circle.

The Blue Lot. That's where the tailgating magic happens.

And finally, "LET'S BRING ON THE MOUNTAINEERS!" My wife and I only lasted until halftime inside the stadium. We wussed out and headed for the temptingly cool, comfortable air conditioning and flat screen TVs provided by the Varsity Club (a bar right beside the stadium). There we met up with my cousin and his step brothers, had a couple beers and downed a couple chicken wings.

We closed the evening with a cookout at my grandmother's house. My aunt, uncle and three cousins were the guests of honor. We enjoyed steak, salmon and shrimp on their behalf. It was a busy, fun-filled football weekend with lots of friends and family, but that's the way I like them.


  1. Seriously - you only stayed to halftime? I am disappointed!

    Do you have season tix?

  2. He came blame me for that. The sun and heat were really getting to me, so I left... and he joined me a few minutes later so I wouldn't have to be there alone. He's nice like that. :)

  3. Childhood neighbor? I don't even get my name mentioned