Monday, June 29, 2009

Nashville with the Zs

This is why they call it Nash-Vegas.

No trip is complete without trivia and beer... this time courtesy of Beyond the Edge.

BB King's Blues Club.

Here's where the Tennessee Titans play. WVU beat Ole Miss in the Music City Bowl in December of 2000 in this stadium. My wife and I attended, sat 10 rows away from each other and didn't even know it.

This is the Coyote Ugly Saloon. This place is well known for encouraging women to dance on top of the bar. They even made a bad movie about Coyote Ugly in the late '90s.

Mr. and Mrs. Z keeping it real.

We're nice.

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  1. wow this is so weird because i am reading this from our hotel room... in NASHVILLE. haha. looks like a good trip, ours will be much shorter and without all the girls dancing on bars.