Sunday, April 8, 2012

Magic Island Easter Egg Hunt!

Yesterday the family and I headed to Magic Island on the banks of the beautiful Kanawha River in downtown Charleston for an easter egg hunt. We understood the hunt was to start at 11... that wasn't the case, however. The event started at 11 and the hunt began at 1pm.

She wasn't having it. She wanted an egg. So, we cheated and let her cross the rope to grab a few.

We weren't waiting for two hours.

She liked the grass. She crawled all over.

She grabbed a few eggs and shook them. She could almost hear the rattle it made over the blaring country music. The eggs were filled with chocolate. Genius idea to throw down a bunch of plastic eggs with chocolate in them and wait 3 hours in the hot sun before the kids picked them up. The smoking, pregnant mothers and snuff dipping daddies didn't seem to mind, though.

Anyway... enough about that. Here's Livvy and her mommy!

Very pretty.

Grandma and Grandpa stopped by to watch!

She wore her cute blue dress.

The Little Olive was all over the place! She'd had enough of this makeshift egg hunt. She wanted lunch!

What's for lunch?? Mexican food! The Little Olive had a lime for her meal...

She was excited about it at first! Then she really tasted it.

It was sour! Our day wasn't, however. We had a great time at our own easter egg hunt.

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