Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Last Tuesday I got older... and so did the Little Olive. I'm old and she's 10 months old! We celebrated with a small party.

My wife got me a present for the "Homey Pub." It's a bottle opener with a magnetic strip that goes on the fridge. How cool is that? It's even personalized and says, you guessed it, "Homey Pub."

Super Fun!

We even got balloons!

The Little Olive was still playing with them when I wrote this blog post!

Dinner was good, too. Per my request, I grilled burgers. I also grilled brussel sprouts that were prepared by my wonderful wife!

Oh yeah, we had fries, too! Solid, solid dinner... even with the near problem I almost created. When I came in the back door, I took my shoes off. One of them got stuck in the door and propped it open. And yeah, I didn't notice. When I finally realized what I'd done, The Little Cat was missing!

I searched all over the neighborhood for the little guy. He was nowhere to be found. My wife and her parents searched our house for him. It turns out he was hiding in the back of my closet because he doesn't like company.

Crisis averted! Whew!

After dinner and the cat search I got a present!

It was a WVU panaramic photo. It spells "West Virginia" with different pictures from WVU's campus.

Awesome gift and thanks a ton, Tom, BJ and Margie! We're still looking for a place to put it because it needs to be seen on a regular basis!

And, of course, the Little Olive wanted to play with the bubble wrap that the picture came in. She tried to pop the bubbles, but wasn't strong enough.

After all the excitement was over, the Little Olive read her books, had her bath and got read for bed, we took her 10 month birthday pictures!

It's so darn hard to keep her still enough to get these shots these days, we just take what we can get.

Here she is holding the sign, but not looking at the camera. She's just so interested in everything.

She smiled for the camera once we removed the sign.

She is a hoot. Happy 10 month birthday, Little Olive!

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