Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's Gameday... Finally!

Look who came to visit... cousins Dandy Andy and K-ristin! K-risten had been planning the trip for quite some time. Dandy Andy decided to surprise us and show up on our doorstep with a bouquet of flowers for my wife. He's crafty.

They were gold and blue! He's smart, too.

Saturday night we ordered sushi to go. That lobster roll was spec-tac-u-lar.

We can not confirm nor deny that there were duck farts involved.

And finally, it's gameday. Look who dressed up for the occasion. :)

Actually, we all dressed to for the occasion... even the out-of-towners.

We even talked to cousin K-risten's husband via facetime on the iPad. Hint, hint Morgantown readers. If you have an iPhone 4 on a wireless connection, you can facetime with us and see the Little Olive on a regular basis.

The game turned out well. Before the lightening, that is. Weather delays hampered play and the game was called sometime after 11 on Sunday evening. The above highlight is that of Tavon Austin taking a kickoff return 103 yards to paydirt.

Fun times.

Group picture. Someone didn't get the memo that you're supposed to wear gold on gameday. ;)

Oh yeah.

Thanks for visiting, cousins. You made the weekend a fun one!

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