Friday, August 13, 2010

The NFL Hall of Fame

Last weekend a few friends of mine and I headed north to Canton, Ohio to take a look at the Pro Football Hall of Fame and attempt to get into the Hall of Fame Game at a decent price.

We got into the Hall of Fame, but wow, was it ever crowded. You could barely move. It was worth it, though. So much had changed since the last time I'd been there.

Pictured above is one of my favorite exhibits at the Hall... Santonio Holmes wore this jersey when he caught the winning touchdown pass with 35 seconds in Super Bowl 43. Next to it was Drew Brees' jersey from Super Bowl 44.

As you can see we got into the game to see the Cincinnati Bengals play the Dallas Cowpies. I paid far too much for a ticket to a preseason game, but yeah... we got in. Cincinnati fans didn't have far to drive and Cowpie fans are all over the darn country. After this trip, I might actually believe that they're "America's Team." Those SOBs are like a swarm of bees. :)

Overall it was a great trip, though.

I can't wait for football.

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