Monday, March 1, 2010

Congratulations, Canada

I tried to root for Canada. I really did. However, after watching the United States and Canada play in the preliminary round two Sundays ago, I knew I just couldn't do it.

I'm an American. I didn't really have much of a choice. I have to take the good with the bad. I have my wonderful freedom and rights just like I have an economy that nearly destroyed the world and a former POTUS who started a holy war for personal benefit.

I like everything about Canada. I like their healthcare. I like their view on gay marriage. I like their liberalism in general. However, I just wasn't born there.

That's why I came to the conclusion earlier in the week that I just couldn't root for Canada if they played the United States in the gold medal game. I didn't have the right. My heart was with my guys... the Americans. You were right, Mr. 653!

However, if the United States had to lose, it couldn't have happened a better way. Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins (probably my favorite hockey player of all time) scored the game winning goal in overtime. It brought mixed emotions. It felt like I'd been punched in the gut, but at the same time I was really happy for Sid the Kid.

Despite the outcome, I'm pretty certain the United State's and Canada's Olympic success has only increased awareness of hockey. Let's not only be a fan of hockey every four years. Be a fan of hockey every day.

Congrats, Canada (ya jerks)! ;)


  1. Welp L.C., I'm proud to know of your true allegiance in the international hockey league known as Olympics hockey. It was a great game. Great last second scoring. That USA shot w/24 secs left was the shot of the game in my opine. Under pressure and all. Way I see it, USA 1, C. 1. It was a tie. There should have been a playoff! USA, USA.....

  2. It's true, Mr. 653. You were right!

    I just heard the Hockey Hall of Fame came looking for Sid's gloves and stick so they could make a display in Toronto. Apparently someone stole them from the locker room.