Wednesday, October 7, 2009

One Word Wednesday



  1. L.C. This just makes me want to go out and practice something, motivational. I'm going to practice fighting whomever it is who has decided that all media broadcasts of Hokie games be banned in WV. Even PPV is blacked out. Conspiracy!!! Blasphemous!!!!!! I plan to practice until we get some broadcasts in here. I mean, hey, I like to see WVU succeed, too. That ain't no reason to cut out the Hokies. It ain't personal like some media mogul thinks it must be. Maybe you can use some of yr media influ to get the Hokies at least on PPV!!! Pretty please with a cherry on top!!!! Respectfully, artie653

  2. This is indeed a problem! Is Direct TV in your future? If so, think twice!