Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wrightsville Beach

Here's the view from our balcony. The beach was on the other side of the grassy knoll.

Here's a picture my wife took. It's yet another picture from the balcony. However, this time, it illustrates what was happening behind the scenes.

And another from the balcony. These were the 4th of July fireworks being ignited only yards from the condo. It almost looks fake. Doesn't it? Props to the wife for another swell picture.

We finally got off the balcony and hit the beach. These kids were holding bread in their hands and hoping the seagulls would take it from them. They only thing they succeeded in doing was annoying the people around them who were afraid the birds were gonna drop a load on them.

We went old-school on this one. My wife and I drove over 2 hours to visit my favorite restaurant of all time... Drunken Jack's in Murrel's Inlet, SC. I had calamari, hush puppies, fried scallops, fried shrimp and a pretty gnarly baked potato. To wash it all down, I had some locally brewed draughts. What about the diet you ask? Well... it had to be put on a small hiatus. I'm still down 15 pounds overall... even after Nashville and Wrightsville Beach.

And, of course, we played trivia at Buffalo Wild Wings in Wilmington, NC (minutes from Wrightsville Beach). Did you really think we'd travel somewhere and skip trivia? Hell, we even drove through a thunderstorm the size of South Carolina to get there. Literally, there was feet of water on the road in places.

All-in-all, the trip was great... from beginning to end. I'd like to thank everyone from three to sixty-six for their hospitality. The breakfast burritos, pulled pork BBQ, steamed crab legs and steamed shrimp were awesome. The Braves games only made me throw up a little and the "phillips head screwdrivers" were the best I've ever had. We had a blast and we hope to see everyone again soon. Thanks for everything.


  1. Drunken Jacks = Best. Hush Puppies. Ever.

  2. 1st - GREAT photos!

    2nd - I LOVE Drunken Jack's - we always went there when I was a kid growing up - we always asked the band to play Country Roads - and they always did :).

    Thanks for the little trip down memory lane!

  3. Welp, L.C. - Glad to see that you and Ms. C. are back from the beach ok. We are also back in the wild and wonderful state. Thanks, too, for the kind words..you are welcome! And, just so you will know, there was one 3 yr old asking for Ms C. and you, in that order, when he was up and about on Tuesday morn.

    We went over to the Dockside Restaurant on the Intracoastal W.W. for dinner Tuesday nite, sans Ms 653 who wanted/needed some rest. We also had great seafood meals and brought her back a shrimp and grits dinner. She said it was the best shrimp dish of all times. Dockside is highly recommended. And, close to the beach. Also, you guys missed the stories of my kids out to "Red Dogs" bar (also in W'sville B.) after dinner. Turns out #1 son won 50 bucks winning gold fish races with a fish he named M. Phelps. You make yr fish race in a two laned tank by shooting a water gun at him. My #2 daughter's fish was losing in her heat so she started shooting at her brother. Funniest story of the week!

    Enjoyed your photos of the area. I firmly blv the one of the glass of wine in front of ocean sky was more attractive than a glass of Dark and Stormy would have been. That was a new one for me. There is always something new. Later...