Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our Very Own Wireless Network

I know... it's the middle of 2009 and we just now installed a wireless network? How could we be so behind the times? We're two 30-somethings in a house with 4 floors, a desktop computer and a laptop that never gets used. A laptop that never gets used because we didn't have a wireless network.

Quite honestly, I've never really used one before. I lived with a computer guru a few years ago and he installed a wireless network. However, we really didn't need it. The apartment only had 4 rooms (including the bathroom). So, needless to say, my computer never left my desk and it only took a few steps (literally) to check my email. My next two apartments, the same thing... I never had to move more than a few feet to look at a computer. The apartments just didn't need a wireless network.

Then we moved to Charleston. We got a steal of a deal on a big, OLD house. We've lived here for a year and only use our desktop computer that's located in the sun room in the back of the house. There was no checking our email from the living room, our bedroom or the basement. However, like I said earlier, that's all been fixed. I installed a wireless network this evening and I'm currently typing to you from the comfort of my very own living room couch. To many of you I'm sure this isn't a big deal, but to us I think it's going to be a very welcome change.

So, 2009, thanks for welcoming us to the wireless era. I know we're a little late, but we're going to do our best to enjoy it thoroughly.



  1. Welcome to the 21st century - just wait 'til you work from your OUTDOOR patio or porch :)!

  2. Good call! I never thought of that.