Monday, April 20, 2009

It's Playoff Time in Pittsburgh...

And the Philthadelphia Flyers are as dirty as ever. That's why I enjoy this picture so much.

That's Sidney Crosby, perhaps the NHL's best player and current Penguin captain, laying the lumber and stealing the puck from Philthy's Danny Syvret.

Even if you're not a hockey fan, give this series a try. It's what sports are all about. Two teams from the same state... a heated rivalry... finess vs. grit... playoff hockey and sudden death overtimes. Seriously, can it get any better?


  1. As one of those 'not a hockey fan's I tried to explain to The Man why exactly I was periodically checking on the scores of the games the last few days, b/c I do appreciate the rivalry.

    On another note - when (and WHY???) did the Pens start wearing Baby Blue???? Huh???

  2. Funny you ask that because I actually have the answer. I watched "The History of the Pittsburgh Penguins" on FSN over the weekend.

    The Pens wore the blue jerseys during their first few years of existence... something like 1967-1974. Apparently they were horrible while the Pirates and Steelers were winning World Series and Super Bowls. The Pirates and Steelers wore black and gold, so the Pens switched up their unis in an attempt to bring them better luck.

    So... those are "throw-back" uniforms used on special occasions.