Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Little Cat's Purpose

I've read plenty of blogs in the past. I've heard many people comment on other's blogs. It never occured to me to start my own until yesterday.

I frequent sports message boards. However, sometimes my threads and posts are a little too riskay for public forums supported by colleges and universities.

That brings me to the purpose of The Little Cat Blog. Yesterday I was once again banned from my favorite college sports forum. As I signed up for yet another username, I thought to myself, "This is getting old. I need a blog so I can say whatever I want." Ding, ding ding... winner, winner, chicken dinner. Don't worry, though... I'll keep it PG-13. :)

I'm sarcastic. Sometimes I think like a butt-head. But in general, I consider myself pretty realistic and fair. I'm just an average dude, talkin' about average dude stuff. So... if you like sports, tasty beer, a little politics, married life, family and all the interesting things that go along with owning your home...

Proceed (meant to be said like Adam Sandler in Billy Madison when he sees his teacher hanging out with "the penguin").

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