Monday, March 30, 2009

Interesting Final Four Statistics

I was looking at Final Four history this morning and I noticed a trend. There are far more teams from the east coast having success in college basketball than from the west coast. I've never really believed in an east coast bias, but should I?

Since 1999 only 4 of 44 teams that have made the Final Four have been from what I consider to be the "west coast." UCLA has made the Final Four 3 times and Arizona's made it once. That means that less than 10% of the teams in the Final Four over the last ten years have been from the west coast. 4 out of 44? Really? That's crazy.

20 of the 44 teams in the Final Four have been from the east coast.

Since 1979 there have only been 3 teams to win the NCAA Basketball Championship from the west coast... UCLA, Arizona, and UNLV. That's three out of 30! 15 of the 30 have been from the east coast. That's a pretty amazing difference.

There are probably thousands of reasons for these numbers... population, number of schools, time zone differences, tv exposure just to name a few. You could probably spend the rest of the day coming up with, valid, different reasons. But jeez, before taking the time to look at the statistics, I would never have believed there's such a drastic difference.

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