Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Charleston Auto Show

Yesterday was Charleston's annual Car show. They have cars from a long time ago, last year and the future. There weren't a lot of "exotic cars," but it was a solid way to spend a few hours.

The Little Olive was taking it all in. As usual she was skeptical of all the commotion, but she seemed to have a decent time in her new MacLaren stroller. Fitting that a company that makes high end sports cars made Livvy's ride.

Here I am just chillin' in my future ride... a Porche roadster. I had to wear my hat backwards because I didn't want it to blow off in the wind. ;)

There was an authentic Bumble Bee Chevy Camaro from the move Transformers. He was decked out to look exactly like the movie character. My favorite part of him was the Autobot symbol (the representation of good in the Transformer world) on the front quarter panel.

My wife's favorite car of the day. A VW bus. I saw a sign on one of them that said, "Hippies use the side door."

And here is my favorite car of the event... A 1966 Ford Mustang. Look at the way it shines. Pretty, isn't it?

A dude can dream. :)

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