Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Nursery

We're building a nursery!!!

This is what it used to look like. Notice the crappy carpet and the cream colored walls. My wife used it as a dressing room and The Little Cat used it to drink his water. :)

We removed the carpet. There's some pretty decent wood floor under there.

My artist/interior decorator/wife painted the room. Don't worry... it was well ventilated and it was water based paint.

Carpet! The Little Cat approved.

We picked up a used changing table. What a deal!!

I put the crib together and my wife put up the drapes. It's coming together, but it's not complete yet.

More to come!

By the way... how good is my wife at decorating the interior?


  1. Love the new header! And the nursery looks awesome!!!!!

  2. Wow! Looks amazing!!! Really impressed!!! We have not even started our nursery! At least we have picked the furniture though and it is here!!