Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Music Week

Last Thursday Mrs. Little Cat, myself and Mrs. Little Cat's parents attended the annual Joy to the World performance by Bob Thompson and his Unit.

Another year, another solid jazz performance. I think this was his 18th year in a row.

And then Friday night we attended the West Virginia Symphony Orchestra's annual Christmas concert, Home for the Holidays. As usual, Conductor Grant Cooper put together a spectacular show... elf shoes and all.

The highlight of the show for me, Mrs. Little Cat and probably the rest of our section was when Santa hit the stage and sang Jingle Bells. As he came out, a young man a few rows in front of us (probably seven or eight years old) lost his mind. He yelled and yelled for Santa. He said "Santa! Santa! Santa! Up here. I'm up here! Hi Santa! Santa! Santa!" It was completely adorable and 100% innocent. He really believed it was Santa. He seemed a little disappointed when his mother finally made him sit down and quit yelling, but the rest of us appreciated seeing someone be so genuine.

Good times. :)

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