Saturday, September 11, 2010


How about that WVU - Marshall game last night? I thought it was over. I thought it was done. I gave up. Apparently this Marshall fan thought it was over as well. Be warned, there's foul language...

Yep... the loss was that epic to Marshall fans. They're burning their gear in the streets! To me, it was merely a comeback against a lesser team we're forced to play every year.

Speaking of that... Joe Manchin is a complete idiot and I hope he loses his bid for US Senate. A couple years of that buffoon John Raese is better than 30 years of the republican disguised as a Democrat, Joe Manchin. (It is well known that Joe Manchin forced WVU and Marshall to play every year in football. It's also well known that the idiot was involved with his daughter's bull shit master's degree from WVU. You know, the one that lowered the value of thousands of degrees because she didn't really earn it. He's anti-choice and he loves Big Coal.) Manchin is trash. :)

Rant over.

Enjoy the video, WVU fans.


  1. I expected to hear a really drunk guy who was gonna really regret that in the morning...but he didn't sound drunk at all. I think he's serious. Somehow, I don't feel bad that Marshall has one less fan.

    AMEN on the Manchin part!