Tuesday, April 6, 2010

One Shining Moment

This year CBS changed things up a little bit and had Jennifer Hudson sing the NCAA tribute video instead of Luther Vandross.

Things to watch for...

1. WVU cheerleaders

2. WVU players Casey Mitchell and Wellington Smith chasing a University of Washinton player

3. WVU forward Da'Sean Butler hitting a three and pounding his chest against Kentucky

4. WVU point guard Joe Mazzulla running the offense in Syracuse

5. WVU forward Devin Ebanks holding up four fingers after defeating Kentucky

6. WVU forward John Flowers doing the "John Wall Dance"

7. WVU head coach Bob Huggins comforting Da'Sean Butler after his injury against Duke

Anyway, here it is.


  1. Thanks for this Homey, and thank you WVU.

  2. You betcha! It's one of my favorite sports traditions. Luther Vandross wouldn't be happy with his replacement, however. She did no justice.

  3. Hopefully they bring back the original next year. Along with us bringing home the trophy. :)