Thursday, November 19, 2009

Subway is taking over the world.

45 minutes ago...

Friend: What's for lunch?

Me (mindlessly): Subway, I guess.

What the hell is it about Subway? I mean, really... is it that good? I pose this question to you as I sit here in my office inhaling a toasted veggie on wheat.

Why was Subway the first thing that popped in my head? Is it their nonstop advertising (seriously, when will those construction workers ever figure out the "Five Dollar Footlong" song)? Is it because there's a Subway in every Walmart, outdoor mall, gas station and on every street corner? The frickin' things are everywhere. Is it because "it's healthy?" One slice of cheese and a little mayo and that's out the door. So what is it?

I can tell you what it isn't... their food. When's the last time you had something at Subway and said to yourself, "Wow... that was great?" And don't tell me you never go to Subway so you wouldn't know. Half of the city of Charleston was at the East End Subway during my lunch break getting their microwaved chicken on toasted cardboard. So yeah, I know you eat there. The place even had a drive-thru! Cars were blocking traffic in the street so they could get in line at the Subway drive-thru. Quite honestly, that's dumb.

Quizno's, Blimpie, Hero Hut, Sheetz, Jersey's, Steak Escape, Penn Station, my refrigerator and any other place that serves subs are all better. So why the hell did myself and half the Charleston metro area end up at the East End Subway for lunch today? Quite simply, I believe if you tell the American public anything over and over again, have a catchy jingle and can supply an absurd amount of access to your product, people will eat it up.

I just did.



  1. First & foremost...I'm honored to be called "friend". It's the consistency. Subconsciously
    knowing the sammich is gonna be the same at the So Chaz location as it is at the Ankorage store. People like consistency...something very reassuring about that. Delicious or mediocre is not the issue. It's the sameness that keeps us going back. Like sheep...baaaaa...baaaaa. Don't ya know the sheep and the shepherd share common interests right up to the slaughterhouse door.

  2. I gotta say, I love the veggie wheat. But I think the reason I love it is because of one single ingredient...that sweet onion dressing. [Caveat: Being a vegetarian necessarily sets the bar pretty low for a "good" sub...] Regardless, that sweet onion dressing is to die for. If it were more socially acceptable, I could possibly envision myself just asking for a bowl of it to go and be completely satisfied.

  3. Consistency... good call. Very smart!

    I'll have to give the sweet onion dressing a try. The dab of light mayo certainly didn't cut it today.

  4. The chipotle sauce is also quite tasty.

  5. Ok, so Dusty's right. The sweet onion dressing is pretty tasty.