Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday's West Virginia Word



  1. LOVE IT!! Keep 'em coming, it's making the days go by a little faster reliving such great memories!

  2. Will do! I've got more where this came from. :)

    I love the music in this video. I think the same song was used for a "Beef. It's what's for dinner" commercial in the early eighties. And how about the haircuts? Wow.

  3. Welp, L.C. - Nothing wrong with college football enthusiasm somewhere in W. by God. There is a bitter taste here in the north of the state,though. Recent football coaches poll came out w/o naming a single Big East team in the top 25. The next edition of the M'town news included an editorial calling for the elimination of the coaches poll! I sort of forgot about it until I got this wks edition of SI w/its top 20 preseason college football picks. Again, no Big East team listed. I hope the WV press doesn't call for the elimination of SI. That is way too close to home. Long live the Big East. Later...

  4. It's pretty amazing that there are no Big East teams in the top 25. However, it's not surprising to me. It gets very little respect. I'm pretty certain Pat White's absence isn't going to only hurt WVU, it's going to hurt the entire conference.

    As much as I hate the ACC, I'd love to be invited to play in their conference. When VT, Miami and BC left the Big East they took some of my enthusiasm with them. Sure, it made for an easier path to the BCS, but it took a lot of tradition away. Playing Louisville and USF just isn't the same as playing VT and Miami.

    I love Big East basketball, but I'd give it up for ACC football.

  5. Why didn't he go American pro? Wowee, as my father would say.